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Regular Expresions for Source Code Analysis

Some codebases are stunningly large. Because there's no way to read over every line of code, I use complex search queries to look for interesting, potentially vulnerable code.

I recently started to keep track of some of the better queries I've written while doing penetration tests at work so that I could publish them here.

Regular Expressions for Matching Interesting Code

Just to clarify a couple confusing columns:

vuln lang noise type files query
XSS low regex (backend) <(a|span|p|img|button|script|style|input|form|i|b|u|iframe|body|base|select|label|div|td|tr|table) (.*?href|.*?src|onload|id|title)=[``'"].*?[{\+``"']
XSS med regex (backend) <a href=['"].*?[{\+"']
SQLi med regex (backend) (((SELECT|DELETE)[^\S].*?[^\S]FROM[^\S]|INSERT[^\S].*?[^\S]INTO))(.*?[^\S]WHERE.*?(=|IS))?
Secrets med regex (secret|pass(word)?|API_?KEY)\s*?=[^=]?\s*?("(.*?)"|'(.*?)')?
Cmd Inj med regex (Process\.Start|[^\S]system|execve|(\.getRuntime\(\)|runtime|[^\S]rt).exec)\(("([^"]*?)"|.*?)\)
XSS ASP.NET high regex *.ts <[\S ]{1,5}>?.*(\$\{.*?\})
XSS ASP.NET high regex *.cs <(a|span|p|img|button|script|style|input|form|i|b|u)( |>).*(\{.*?\})
XSS ASP.NET med regex *.cs (\.Append\()?.*?(<(a|span|p|img|button|script|style|input|form|i|b|u)( |>)).*?([^\$]?".?\+.?[^\$]?")
SQLi ASP.NET high regex *.cs (ExecuteSQLCommand)
XXE ASP.NET high regex *.cs XmlDocument\(
rXSS Java med simple *.java, *.jsp <%=*request.getParameter*%>
rXSS Java low regex <%=((?!Constant|getContext|Globals|Sanitize|StringEscapeUtils|new (Long|Integer|Boolean)|application\.getAttribute).)*?%>
SQLi Java med regex *.java, *.jsp ^(?!\s*(\/\/|\<logic|\*|\{|logger|whereTo|The|\(like|\/\*|if|boolean|Voter|see\:|return|\<bean|bp\.set|Action|public\ |\<input|\<label|\<\%|2\.|private)).+where.*
CRLFi Java high simple *.java, *.jsp *.setHeader(*
Double Formatting Python low regex *.py [^%\S]f'.*%[a-zA-Z]

This table is pretty small right now. As I do more penetration tests at work over this summer, I will continue to update this table.